Chamber music and songs


For cello quintet | Written in 2017 | Duration: 6 minutes

Rendezvous was written for a fundraising concert for Suffolk Refugee Support ( in 2017.

Out of the Loop

For alto flute | Written in 2011 | Duration: c.20 minutes

A suite in five movements for alto flute, lasting about twenty minutes. Elegant, quirky, aggressive, it explores the full range of colours available on this wonderful instrument.


For violin and two violas | Written in 2010 | Duration: c.16 minutes

Commissioned by David Eugene Webb.

Return Again

For string quartet | Written in 2009 | Duration: c. 6 minutes

A quiet, intense piece for string quartet.

When Laura Smiles

For mezzo-soprano and piano | Written in 2009 | Duration: c. 5 minutes

A setting of the poem ‘When Laura Smiles’. This poem first appeared in a Book of Ayres, co-produced by Thomas Campion and Philip Rosseter and published in London in 1601. It used to be thought that Campion was the author of this poem, but it is now agreed that it was probably Rosseter.

Rebel Amendment

For violin and piano | Written in 2008 | Duration: c. 6 minutes

Rebel Amendment was commissioned by Catherine Fox and Merel van der Knoop and first performed by them on 7 December 2008 at the Foundling Museum, London.

Download: Rebel Amendment (score), Violin

Invention Lines 1

For two tenor recorders | Written in 2003 | Duration: c. 4 minutes

Invention Lines I was written for two tenor recorders, but can be played (or sung, wordlessly) by any pair of instruments of suitable range. Owing to the peculiarity of recorder pitching, this is actually the soprano/treble range, not the tenor. The exact range is Middle C to the B-flat nearly two octaves higher.

Download: Invention Lines I (score)

I Syng of a Mayden

For soprano and chamber ensemble | Written in 2001 | Duration: c. 6 minutes

I Syng of a Mayden is written for soprano, harpsichord, treble recorder, violin, and bass viol or cello. It was commissioned by the Loki Ensemble and first performed by them on 1 December 2001 in All Saints Church, Kingston upon Thames, London.

Folksong Suite

For string quartet | Written in 1998 | Duration: c. 5 minutes

An arrangement of four European folksongs: two from England, and one each from Ireland and Hungary. It was first performed on 21 June 1999 in Snape church, Suffolk, and was published in 2002 by SJ Music. Please visit their website for details on how to order the score and parts.

Square Circuit

For tenor horn and percussion | Written in 1998 | Duration: c. 9 minutes

Download: Square Circuit (score)


For saxophone quartet | Written in 1997 | Duration: c.10 minutes

Published by June Emerson in 2004. Please visit their website for details on how to order this piece.

“Musical ideas are interspersed amongst the quartet like the ball at a football match but the result is a rewarding work to perform requiring good group work. A pleasing addition to the repertoire”. (‘Wood-notes’, Association of Woodwind Teachers, vol.21, March 2005).

The Yare at Night

For viola duet | Written in 1994 | Duration: c. 4 minutes

The Yare rises in the county of Norfolk, England, and flows east into the North Sea, passing south of the city of Norwich on its way. Further on, it enters the inland lake of Breydon Water, before flowing into the sea at Great Yarmouth (‘mouth of the Yare’). Breydon Water is on the edge of Halvergate Marshes, a vast area of marshland that used to be an estuary before it silted up. Standing by the river at night, in the middle of the Marshes, all you can see are the lights of distant houses and farms, and all you hear is the gentle rush of the river through the reeds.

Download: The Yare at Night (score)