For organ | Written in 2012 | Duration: c.15 minutes

A quiet, introspective piece for organ. You can buy a copy of the score on eBay.

In a lot of my organ music I attempt to explore darker and more uncomfortable sound worlds than you would normally expect to find in music for the organ. For me, although the organ can be grandiose, it is also good at conveying a sense of loneliness and introspection.

In te speravi

For organ | Written in 2011 | Duration: c.5 minutes

Print the score off for free here.

Modus operandi

For piano | Written in 2010 | Duration: c.8 minutes

This piece was written for Marcus Andrews and first performed by him in 2010. You can buy the score on eBay.

“Michael, are you sure there isn’t a jazz pianist inside you, trying to get out?” – comment at first performance.


 For piano | Written in 2008 | Duration: c.8 minutes

This piece was also written for Marcus Andrews, and first performed by him in Notting Hill Community Church, London, in January 2009. The score is available to buy on eBay.

Music For a City Wedding

 For organ | Written in 2006 | Duration: c.3 minutes

This piece was written for two friends and first performed at their wedding at St Mary le Bow, London. You can print off the score for free here.


 For piano | Written in 2002 | Duration: 1 minute

Print out the score for free here.

Variations on an English Folksong

For organ | Written in 1998 | Duration: c.15 minutes

This piece is based on a folksong that was transcribed by E.J. Moeran in Norfolk in 1921. As dark as dark can be, it tells a story involving unwanted pregnancy, murder and the death penalty. I chose it as a source as I wanted to get as far away as I could from the cheery, ‘As I walked out one May morning’ model of English folksong. My piece attempts to capture the darkness, violence and grotesquerie of the story, and explore some of the harmonic and rhythmic ambiguities of the tune as it was transcribed by Moeran. I also wanted to show that the organ, despite its frequent occurence in places of worship, is an instrument uniquely equipped to inhabit this kind of sound world.

In 2011 a recording of this piece was released by Navona Records, featuring an arresting performance by the Czech organist Karel Martínek. The recording is on the album ‘Heavy Pedal’, which is available from all major digital music retailers.

You can also buy the score on eBay.

“Variations on an English Folksong is a similarly intriguing work, manipulating its source material in striking and ingenious ways”. – Allmusic

“Urgently dramatic”. – Gramophone