Although you can print out scores and parts from this website, the chances are you’ll be printing onto standard quality paper, and, unless you do your own binding, you’ll end up with a bunch of loose sheets which will get easily lost. If you want something more permanent, use the contact form to order a printed, bound edition. Each score and part is printed onto premium quality paper. Most scores are spiral bound, with a clear plastic front and card backing. Almost all parts, and some of the shorter scores, are printed onto double-size sheets, then folded and stapled together.

Please enquire for shipping costs (delivery to anywhere in the world) and discounts for multiple orders.

The prices below are quoted in pounds sterling (GBP). Please use a currency converter such as to convert these prices into other currencies.



  • Quercus: £10
  • In te speravi: £8.50
  • Modus operandi: £10
  • Pianobox: £10
  • Music for a City Wedding: £8.50
  • Variations on an English Folksong: £11.50

Chamber music and songs

  • Out of the Loop: £10
  • U-Bahn: £11.50 (score only), £21.50 (score and parts)
  • Return Again: £8.50 (score only), £19.80 (score and parts)
  • When Laura Smiles: £8.50
  • Rebel Amendment: £10 (score only), £12.80 (score and part)
  • I Syng of a Mayden: £10 (score only), £18.50 (score and parts)
  • Square Circuit: £10
  • The Yare and Night: £8.50

Brass band

  • Letter From Home: £11.50 (score only), £41.50 (score and parts)
  • Distant Harbour: £14.50 (score only), £44.50 (score and parts)
  • Design and Build: £17.50 (score only), £47.50 (score and parts)
  • Withington Suite: £25 (score only), £55 (score and parts)
  • Rigoletto Variations: £25 (score only), £65 (score and parts)